What is the Beyond National Egoism NetWork?


 The Beyond National Egoism Network is a network for the people and groups who agree to the aim of the proposal, "Let us establish in Japan and in other countries of the world, an ideal to become a Nation for International Peace and the Environment".


 This network is not a conventional type of organization that plans for the expansion of the organization and realization of its goal with the originator of the proposal as the leader.


 The aim of this proposal is to be a backbone for the activities of various types of groups and individuals who are striving for a better society. The objective is to strengthen the trend not only in Japan, but also throughout the world to bring this proposal to reality.



 The Peace Constitution of Japan is the foundation for this proposal. However, in Japan now, there are many people who favor revising the Constitution without sufficiently understanding its true meaning. So, it is an urgent objective to communicate widely the true meaning of the Peace Constitution and change the direction of the tide from constitutional revision to constitutional preservation. The main theme of this network is to make the Peace Constitution effective and active, and bring it to life by establishing the ideal, "Let us strive for a nation for international peace and the environment" .